Plastic Surgery - The Meeting


Special welcome to colleagues from Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia Plástica!

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President: Dr. José Horácio Aboudib

Founded: December 7, 1948

ASPS is introducing the Guest Nation program at Plastic Surgery The Meeting. The program gives ASPS the opportunity to highlight and celebrate the Guest Nation’s accomplishments and contributions to the specialty. ASPS is proud to honor Brazil as the first Guest Nation. A series of special sessions showcasing the clinical excellence of Brazilian surgeons will be presented on Saturday. Session A programs will be translated into Portuguese for Brazilian meeting participants.

Based in São Paulo, Brazil, the Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia Plástica (SBCP) has 5,000 plastic surgeon members and is the largest organization of its kind in Latin America. SBCP’s primary focus is to enhance the academic training of medical residents in Brazil. SBCP is the oldest society officially recognized by the Federal Council of Medicine to organize and implement the examination to obtain the title of Specialist in Plastic Surgery. The first issue of the Society’s journal, Journal of Plastic Surgery, was published in 1986.

In partnership with the Federal Government, Ministry of Health and state and local governments, the SBCP has carried out repairs of congenital and acquired deformities, which has enhanced the lives of patients and made a significant contribution to the recognition of the plastic surgery specialty.

In recent years, SBCP, through the Specialty Defense Meetings and in concert with Ministers of the Supreme Court of Justice, justices and judges, has made important allies in the judicial system and has opened discussions with consumer organizations, media and public prosecutors on the supervision of unqualified professionals to maximize patient safety.

The SBCP extends a special invitation to ASPS meeting participants to attend SBCP’s 49th Annual Scientific Meeting November 14-19, 2012 in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Mark your calendars for SBCP’s special 50th Annual Meeting November 14-18, 2013 in Sao Pãolo, Brazil. For details, please visit